The employment problem among Hispanics in New York is becoming a crisis. A predominant factor is the language barrier. Although some Hispanics come to this country with degrees from the respective countries, their education becomes useless unless they are willing to go the distance in furthering their education. The process is lengthy and time consuming. While an immigrant has the need to learn the language and further his/her education, their most imminent need is to work to survive.

Although there are numerous resources in New York for career development, Hispanics lack information on how to access these services. We at Latin Women in Action, Inc. provide clients with information and referrals to government funded non-profit organizations as well as the New York City and NY State Department of Labor for information on Civil Service jobs available in New York City, State and Federal agencies.

The following is information contained in the NYC DOE Website.
EMPLOYMENT HOTLINE Offers job-related counseling and job training and placement
services for employees and job seekers. For more information, call: 212-442-2595.

Youth Occupational Skills Training Program provides a wide range of services for both in-school and out-of-school youth.

In-School/Younger Youth services to be provided are work-readiness training, leadership development, career exploration workshops, and computer assisted instructions and tutoring in educational courses, support services, and work experiences opportunities during the summer to economically disadvantaged young people. Call 212-442-8888 for more information.

Out-of-School/Older Youth services to be provided are occupational skills training, job placement and job placement assistance, comprehensive counseling, mentoring, and support and follow-up services. For more information, call 212-442-2595.

Older Workers Program provides a variety of classroom-based training and employment services to city residents 55 years of age and older in occupations in computer skills, clerical, nursing, home health care, security, and hospitality. Call 212-442-2595 for more information.

Economic Dislocation Programs
provide job placement, as well as readjustment and retraining services in a variety of occupations to workers facing job loss due to mass layoffs and business closings or workers who have been dislocated. Call 212-442-2595 for further information.

Worker Career Centers located in all five boroughs provide dislocated workers, unemployed individuals, and displaced homemakers with job placement assistance and referrals to our retraining programs. Adult basic education, GED instruction, ESL, resume preparation, job search assistance, and free mailing and FAX services are also available. For more information on the Centers call 212-442-2595.
Rapid Response Team, under the guidelines of the Federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, provides assistance and information for workers in the event of a plant closing or mass layoffs. For more information, call 212-442-2423.

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