Community Empowerment
Latin Women in Action is concerned
with women throughout the world.
We are located in Queens, New York.
How do we empower Hispanics?
Hispanics have a strong sense of
community, strong moral values and
respect for others. Hispanics arrive in
this country with little or nothing to
start a new life with.  Once here they
struggle to survive. Most of them
leave their families back home. Many
accumulate their savings and build
back home with the purpose of
returning to start their own business
or retire to a prosperous lifestyle. Like
most immigrants, Hispanics wish for
the American "dream" which is; to
have a home, car, money, and leisure.

The American Dream
Many Hispanics come to this land with big
fantasies of becoming rich easily because in the
United States of their dreams there are no homeless
people, no immigration laws that prevents them
from working. They are shocked to find out that
this country has many homeless people and that
new arrivals must immediately find a job or starve.
What a shock to find out that they cannot work
because the $7, 000 or $10,000 they had when they
left home, was paid to a coyote to cross them over
the border. Now they cannot work unless they have
an employment authorization from US Homeland
Security. The professional as well as the
uneducated sometimes find thethe same tasks. The
American dream is no longer a dream
Where is Community Empowerment in all this?
As Hispanics we must become aware of the
importance of getting involved politically. Anyone
living in the U.S. has a number of elected officials
that can represent them. The average American
citizen is involved in his/her community. In the
process they learn who represents them. Because of
the way that many Hispanics enter this country,
they remain in the shadows for many years.  By the
time they become legal permanent residents and
later naturalize, they have missed the most
important basic knowledge of a newcomer, their
political empowerment.
The Spanish language unites all Hispanics but all
Hispanics are distinct. Even the language is spoken
differently by each group. Identity is a big obstacle
in the unity among Hispanics, yet we yearn for that
unity. Empowerment of Hispanics becomes an
ambitious proposition. It is the type of undertaking
which dictates well conceptualized techniques and
strategic work plans.mselves performing .
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